Jerusalem artichoke and red and white beetroot salad 13,80

Bone marrow with tomato and garlic crostini 14,60

Blood orange risotto with mascarpone 14,20

Greensalad with herbs and dijon dressing 8,00

+ Blini list see seasonal list

Main courses

Salad with grilled salmon, avocado and wasabi sauce  22,50

Beetroots in phillo pastry with root vegetable and lentil ragout 18.20

Pappardelle with `Nduja salami and sweet peppar and white wine sauce 18,70

Maxills lamb sausage with gruyere and potato purée 19,60

Pike quenelles with spinach, mushrooms and crayfish sauce 23,50

Black Angus entrecôte with fried potatoes and béarnaise 29,80


Cheeses, cherry compote     12,00

Crème brûlée   10,00

Lemon sorbet with sparkling wine  9,50

Chocolate mousse entremet with clementine ice cream 10,50

Eclair with caramel crème, Italian meringue and cranberry sorbet 10,50