Mussels marinière 12,00

Marinated Baltic herrings with horn chanterelle and potato rösti 13,60

Roasted beetroots with garlic and parsley purée 13,80

Roasted bone marrow with gremolata and tomato bruschetta 14,20

Green salad with Dijon sauce  8,00


Salad with grilled salmon, avocado and wasabi sauce  22,50

Gorgonzola and cauliflower pasta 18,40

Meatballs of elk with potato purée and creamy cognac sauce 20,30

Mussels marinière with french frites and aioli 24,00

Pan-fried white fish with Jerusalem arichoke and hollandaise 26,50

Fillet of lamb with onion purée, root vegetables and port sauce 28,00


Cheeses       12,00

Crème brûlée   9,50

Lemon sorbet with sparkling wine  9,00

Pineapple tarte tatin with home made  vanilla ice cream 10,00

Chocolate fondant with white chocolate crème and cherry ice cream  10,00