Asparagus risotto with pan-fried scallop 14,50

Pike perch ceviche with lime and jalopeno vinaigrette 14,80

Bun filled with duck leg-confit, kimchi and chilli mayonnaise14,20

Greensalad with herbs and dijon dressing 8,00

+ asparagus lista see seasonal lista

Main courses

Salad with grilled salmon, avocado and wasabi sauce  22,50

Asparagus risotto with pan-fried scallops 24,20

Lamb meatballs with potato mash and cream sauce 21,60

Pan-fried white fish with green asparagus and lemon sauce 27,50

Sirloin steak with fried potatoes and madeira-morel mushroom sauce 29,80


Cheeses, cherry compote     12,00

Crème brûlée   10,00

Lemon sorbet with sparkling wine  9,50

Le negre chocolate cake with espresso ice cream 10,50

Rhubarb compote with white chocolate mousse and strawberry sorbet 10,50