Sashmi of Artic char with shizo and pomegranate 14,30

Beef tartar with parmesan and roasted bread 14,80

Spinach soup with poached egg 12,90

Green salad with Dijon sauce  8,00

+ blini list


Salad with grilled salmon, avocado and wasabi sauce  22,50

Shitake and mushroom pasta with pancetta 18,60

Meatballs of lamb with potato purée and creamy cognac sauce 20,30

Pan-fried pike-perch with grilled point cabbage and egg sauce 26,80

Sirloin steak with fried potatoes and roquefort sauce  30,50


Cheeses       12,00

Crème brûlée   9,50

Lemon sorbet with sparkling wine  9,00

Licorice pannacotta with strawberry sorbet 10,00

Chocolate mousse with nougat ice cream  10,00