Ravioli filled with ricotta and basil, tomato vinaigrette 13,90

Pike perch ceviche with lime and jalopeno vinaigrette 14,80

Veal carpaccio ( swe) with tuna mayonnaise 15,20

Gazpacho with thyme croutons 13,60

Green salad with herbs and dijon dressing 8,00

Main courses

Salad with grilled salmon, avocado and wasabi sauce  22,50

Tiger prawn salad with goat cheese and mango-chili relish  23,60

Maxills Stilton burger with red onion compote and french fries 19,50

Taglione al nero with tiger prawns and octopus confit 22,80

Pan-fried fillets of perch with potato puree and spring vegetables 27,50

Flank steak (aus) with roasted potato, muhammara sauce and aioli  27,50


Cheeses, cherry compote     12,00

Crème brûlée   10,50

Aperol sorbet with sparkling wine  9,50

Peach crumble with vanilla ice cream 10,50

Fresh strawberries with white chocolate pudding and sour milk ice cream 10,50